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Friday, November 16, 2012

New CX Parts to Pick Up

I just got a call from Micah at Peninsula Bike Works.  The parts that I didn't expect to see until next week arrived today!  The new goodies are TRP CX8.4 brakes in blue and a FSA headset top cap, both for the Blue Norcross.  The TRPs will be replacing the short-lived Paul Touring brakes, and the top cap replaces the stock top cap with cable hanger.  Looks like I'll be testing out the new parts in Fort Ord tomorrow.

PBW is a new shop in Monterey, opened by Micah and Sean, two veterans of the bike shop world.  They worked together at Joselyn's up until the doors to that shop were closed.  Drop in and check them out.
My cozy new PBW sweatshirt.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Rules

I can't believe I haven't seen this before today.

I live life by rule #12.

GT Edge Ti Video

Renewing my interest in the new GT Edge Ti frame, here is a BikeRadar video from Eurobike 2012.  It gets to the good stuff at 1:14...

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Paul Touring Cantis w/ Campagnolo

Several months ago I decided to upgrade the brakes on my Blue Norcross SP cyclocross bike.  I had been using cheapo Nashbar cantilever brakes since I had them sitting around when I purchased the Norcross.  They worked ok, but really didn't have the stopping power I wanted.  After talking with Gary at Cycle Masters I decided to get two sets of Paul Touring Cantis.  I know some would say that I should have put the Neo Retro up front for better power, but I'm strange and like symmetry.  I installed the brakes and promptly took the bike out for a spin.  Well, I didn't feel much change from the Nashbar brakes, and fast downhills are downright scary.  I have much more power braking from the top levers than from the Ergo levers.  Aha, that right there is probably the problem.  The pull from the Campagnolo Ergo levers is different from Shimano levers, which is what most people are set up with.  I don't think I can fault Paul for the braking, or lack thereof, but rather the Campy levers.

Now I have a dilemma.  After searching around, reading forums, and seeking information, I am leaning toward TRP's CX8.4 linear brakes.  Directly snagged from their website, "The CX8.4 features 84mm length arms designed to work seamlessly with SRAM and Campagnolo shifters."  Well, that sounds promising and Byron at Bike Hugger seems to like them.  It is also a bonus that they are available in anodized blue to nicely match the bike.

For those who are using Paul brakes and enjoy them, I highly recommend picking up a set of Hunter Nugz.  In the photo below it is the little barrel adjuster on the release side of the brake.  The added adjustment is awesome to have and eliminates the need for an inline barrel adjuster and they're only 25 bucks a pair.

Current setup with Paul brakes and Hunter Nugz
TRP CX8.4 in svelte blue