Thursday, March 12, 2015

Video - 2015 Rumble in the Ranchlands

This past Saturday, I rode the Rumble in the Ranchlands with my friend, Mark.  Starting in Catheys Valley, Ca, the ride was on mostly gravel and dirt roads with some terrible asphalt and a small amount of good asphalt.  78 miles with 7800 feet of elevation.  Both of us being fathers of young children, we were just happy to complete the ride in time for the tacos, beer, and awards ceremony.

Thanks go to Murphy Mack of SuperPro Racing for organizing this, Oskar Blues Brewery for providing beer, and to all of the wonderful volunteers for their enthusiasm and support.

The video was shot with a Garmin Virb Elite that was mounted under my handlebars.  The photos are a mix from the Virb and my Samsung Galaxy phone.