Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ibis Silk SL - Retired!

While browsing the Ibis site today, I realized the Silk SL road bike was nowhere to be found.  I then found it listed under Past Models along with the Tranny.  Being the curious guy that I am, I sent an email to Ibis about this.  Well, only about the Silk SL because it was what really interested me.

My inquiry:
"Good morning, bike friends.  I just saw that the Silk SL is now in the Past Models section.  WHAT??  Are you planning on bring on a newer and shinier (or matter) Silk to the lineup, or are you going to focus on all things dirt?  By the way, I love what you've done with the Lugi Disc.  I hope you have more sun today in SC than we have in Monterey.  Dreary.


The response:
"Hi Steve,Yep, we've retired that bike. Stay tuned for what we're working on. I assure you it's a lot. We don't say specifically what we're working on until it's ready to ship.

Interesting.  I imagine they will bring back a road frame, but only time will tell.  The Silk SL is a gorgeous frame with a reasonable price for the low weight.  My only real gripe is the external brake and derailleur cable routing.  Some prefer that, but I like the clean look of internal routing.  Now that it is discontinued, I bet the price will drop from online retailers like Wrench Science and Competitive Cyclist.


Ibis Silk SL, now retired.