Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Arrived: Yuba Mundo V5 Cargo Bike

I got a call this morning from Sean at Peninsula Bike Works to let me know that my Yuba Mundo and accessories had arrived!  Armed with an extra large pizza and bread sticks, I headed over to the shop during lunch to pick it up.  I am going to build it myself because I want to involve my daughters in the process.  Arguably, they're too young to totally get it, but they can handily turn a hex key or screw driver and will be happy to pull parts out of the wrapping.  The box is currently sitting in the bed of my truck, which I have a clear view of from my office window, and I'm watching the minutes slowly tick by.  Tonight our living room will be a mess of cardboard, packing material, tools, accessories, and a glorious new family bike.

For now...

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